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  • 04.01.13 

    Happy April 1!

    We love the transition of colors through the seasons. A culture that celebrates the coming of spring so colorfully is India – - the Holi festival. See DESIGN OPTIONS’ Color Blast today featuring more about the rituals of Holi. What are your colorful seasonal rituals?


    The Holi festival, celebrated at the end of last month, marks the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season. Holi got its name as the “Festival of Colors” from Lord Krishna, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who liked to play pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors.

    This colorful festival is celebrated globally and embraces the essence of carefree nature color evokes. It is said that color affects mod and we love that there is a festival that celebrates it as much as we do!

  • 03.07.13 

    Blue Crush

    There are so many great shades of blue that create different effects and moods for interiors. This season, the indigo blue (a.k.a. denim) trend is making a strong mark in fashion and in home furnishings.

    Denim’s popularity has ebbed and flowed, but continues to be a reliable standby for every generation. For most, it’s a go-to, favorite essential for relaxed, lived-in style.

    Personally, denim stirs up loads of memories: including this 70’s gem – of me, as a teenager listening (over and over and ok, over again) to James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James dressed of course in denim bell bottoms. Not just any bell-bottoms, you see back then we wore ours day-in and day-out to create that cool, faded look with the cuffs dragging on the ground to achieve the perfect fringe! Gives new meaning to the Do-It-Yourself movement and quite a difference when compared to today’s off-the-shelf styles already broken-in for you.

    Anyway, this denim crush sparked our imaginations as we created our Spring Luna collection. Look closely, we meticulously dyed the yarns in our Luna rug to achieve that same aged-to-perfection look of a favorite pair of jeans. Try it on for size – and let us know what you think of our nod to true blue denim. Enjoy!





  • 02.06.13 

    Color’s Legacy…

    Photo courtesy of Pershing Hall Hotel

    Andree Putnam’s Colorful Legacy

    On January 19, the design world lost a visionary in Andree Putnam, who passed away at the age of 87. Born in Paris and internationally recognized for her elegant, minimalist and timeless interiors, Putnam was truly an emissary of chic. She’s one of my favorites and I absolutely treasure this quote of hers: “I am interested in that family of things that will never date.

    It’s remarkable that her foray into interior design started at the age of 53 – influenced by designers of the 1930s. She’s the perfect example of living life colorfully – choosing to pursue her passion no matter of age.

    Topping my list of her design projects is the fabulous Pershing Hall Hotel in Paris (see photo above). Such a modern-whimsical aesthetic expressed via her playful mix of fuchsias and eds to the vertical garden in the courtyard. Fabulous!

    Take a look at her wonderful aesthetic at Perhaps she’s even influenced your design style?

  • 02.02.13 

    Ahh….Spring is here!

    Tell us about your favorite new product and be entered to win a Mojito throw (shown in Julep) in the color of your choice!

    The contest rules are simple: Product must be a new introduction and you need to tell us why it’s your favorite! Entries can be received on any of our social media channels – Blog, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Deadline is February 15. Winner will be announced the following week.

    Browse the new collection online at!

  • 01.26.13 

    And The Winner Is…

    As you know, we continued with our New Year resolution “Colorful Living” contest this year. It is amazing how we continue to read so many great stories and ideas.

    We are always amazed at how much time people devote to others—truly selfless and inspirational.

    This year, we decided to choose a resolution concept devoted more to “me”! I know, sounds totally selfish right. But really think about how much time we “mothers, wives, partners, daughters ” devote to taking care of those we love—at the expense of sacrificing our own personal time.

    With that said, the winner of our 2013 Colorful Living Resolution contest and colorful Company C bedding is:  Megan Forti

    Megan: My New Year’s Resolution is to be more selfish.  I know that sounds terrible, but I mean it in the most positive way.  If I can manage to take one night a month (my goal) and devote it to myself and my friends/interests, I know I will be refreshed and rejuvenated to do even more in all other areas of my life.  I am looking forward to all I can do, by doing something for me

    Continuing in the “me” theme, our runner up and winner of a Company C throw is Stephanie Lewis!

    We love her idea of documenting in 2013 “me”, with the loved ones in her life.

    Stephanie:  I get so caught up in wanting beautiful photographs of them, that I lose sight of the thought that perhaps - someday when I am gone - they will want photographs of me too.  Not just my children, but all of the people I love.    So this is my goal for 2013.  Set aside my personal hang-ups about being on that side of the lens, and get in the pictures with them…

    Once a month, or more if time allows…

    Congratulations to both Megan and Stephanie. Let’s celebrate “me” in the most positive way this year. Take time to refresh, pursue our passions and give back to those we love!


    Happy New Year!


  • 01.09.13 

    GoodWeave Shares Favorite Firsts of 2012

    Company C joined GoodWeave in 2005 to give back to the weaving communities in India and benefit those who make our rugs.  We’re happy to report, Goodweave has accomplished a lot since then.

    Today, GoodWeave continues to monitor child labor, while supporting educational programs for children and partnering with rug making companies to develop safe practices in working conditions and fair wages.

    Enjoy a post from Nina Smith, Executive Director of GoodWeave USA, as she shares her favorite GoodWeave firsts from 2012.

    We thank GoodWeave for their dedication and progress and wish them new successes in 2013!


    This year, the question of how to end child labor was discussed from Capitol Hill to corporate board rooms to the Clinton Global Initiative, where this fall the President made a historic speech. Over and over, the answer has been: working with the private sector and through supply chain monitoring.

    I am heartened by the new direction in our movement. And over the last year, GoodWeave has been out in front—leading the way and leveraging momentum. Here are five of my favorite “firsts” from 2012:


    First rescue | January 13
    GoodWeave inspectors found 11-year-old Sanju Maya, who was sold by her father to a labor broker for a promised $40/month. Her courageous story and contagious smile were later featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

    A Charity Braves a Shadowy Industry to Rescue Children.


    First school | May 12
    Acclaimed photographer U. Roberto Romano and I spent an inspiring day in Badeshi. This Indian village never had a school until Project Musk an (meaning “smile”), our non-formal education program which has enrolled 1,200 kids in remote weaving communities.


    First daycare | July 17
    We cut the ribbon on the first Good Weave daycare center in Afghanistan serving weaving mothers in a community of recently returned refugees.


    First rug | November 28
    The first certified child-labor-free carpet made in Afghanistan was ceremoniously labeled by the Minster of Commerce and Industry in Kabul.


    First place | December 3
    Good Weave earned full member status of ISEAL—joining just 12 other standard-setting organizations around the world who are considered the leaders in their respective sectors.


    I hope you feel proud of what we accomplished in 2012 and that Good Weave’s market-driven solution is at the center of the modern abolitionist discussion. First and foremost—we could not do it without you.

    With gratitude and best wishes this holiday season,

    Nina Smith
    Executive Director
    Good Weave USA


    Photo Credit: © U. Roberto Romano

  • 01.01.13 

    Dream Big. Be Brave. Live Life Colorfully.

    It’s that time of year again – time to think about resolutions and goals for 2013. I won’t talk about losing weight either!

    One of my inspirational experiences in 2012 was speaking to a group of girls from GIRLS, Inc. who came to Company C to learn about what we do. Our mission was to inspire them to stay in school and work hard at what they love and dream about. The girls ranged in age from 10 to 15.

    So we sat in our colorful retail store while they ate their after school snacks. I started the conversation talking about Company C and how we started 19 years ago. I mentioned that when I was their age I loved to knit and sew and used to make a lot of my own clothes. I shared with them many kids thought I was such a nerd and so “uncool” for knitting and sewing.

    I asked them if they do something now that they love, yet keep it to themselves for fear of what others might say. They all responded with their own similar experiences. It was so fun to hear their stories. After these lively discussions, I reminded them that if I didn’t stick to what I loved and didn’t work hard at it and didn’t give up when the going got tough, I could not have achieved my dreams of starting my own business and creating products I love.

    So as I think about the message I learned from the girls, it’s important to be brave no matter our age. Dream big, work hard and stick to it, even with adversity.

    What are you passionate about, what are your dreams, and are you willing to put yourself and your craft out there knowing you’ll have positive and negative feedback? Take part in our favorite annual contest and let us know your resolutions for 2013. There’s a chance to win some great Company C color to help you kick off the New Year! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or post your Colorful Living New Year’s Resolution here.

    Take a risk and LIVE YOUR LIFE COLORFULLY!

    Happy Colorful 2013!


  • 12.12.12 

    Emerald, Pantone®’s new Tangerine Tango!

    So happy to hear Emerald – one of my favorite colors – is Pantone®’s color for 2013! What a beautiful shade for interiors, much easier to work with than last year’s Tangerine Tango.

    According to Pantone, “the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity – no other color conveys regeneration more than green.”

    During our recent “regeneration” trip to India, Walter and I visited several of our vendors in Jaipur, a city world-renown for its hand-printed textiles and its gem cutting and polishing. And do I love both.

    After a day of meetings with textile vendors and seeing final samples of our Spring 2013 bedding collection, we set off to shop the “Pink City.”

    At the recommendation of one of our key rug vendors, we visited his brother-in-law’s antique and jewelry store – totally eye candy. Needless to say, I fell in love with so many things; especially the emeralds. So I left Jaipur with two colorful experiences – seeing  our new Spring 2013 bedding collection that reflects Pantone’s 2013 color of the year and a beautiful emerald trinket as a reminder.

    Get ready for renewal and prosperity in 2013 with Pantone®’s EMERALD color of the year!


    Happy Holidays,



    Boudoir Style

    Our new Gretchen bedding was inspired by a vintage dress we found at the Brimfield Antiques market. The overscaled brushstroke design is painted in shades of Julep and Emerald!

    Style tip: I love the Julep/Emerald colors with crisp white percale for a fresh Spring and Summer style.


    Fashion Color

    Add style and color to any room with our new curvy Olivia chair. She’s available in February at all Company C Retail and Lifestyle Partner stores.

    Style tip: Paint the curves with Benjamin Moore™’s Emerald Isle 2039-20 and upholster in Company C’s crisp white Nori Snow fabric.


    Colorful Entertaining

    Why not add color and zip to your next party with a signature color of the year drink?

     Entertaining tip: Try’s Emerald Isle Martini with cocktail napkins in emerald to show your guests just how on color trend you are! Click here for the recipe. Cheers to living colorfully in 2013!


    Pre-Order Gretchen


    Pre-Order Madeline


    Pre-Order Camille


    For more information about Pantone LLC and PANTONE® Products, visit


  • 12.03.12 

    Your Favorite StylePair is…

    Thank you to all who voted for your favorite StylePair…and the winner is Carmen Christensen from Time2Design! Carmen paired a gorgeous Erdem – Spring 2013 RTW jacket and dress with Company C’s Danube and Larissa pillows.


    For her fabulous StylePairing, Carmen won Company C’s Gretchen bedding and Madeline sheets—all in her favorite color, Capri Blue.


    You can also find Carmen’s StylePair on Fashion+Décor.

    AND…we haven’t forgotten all those who voted and left comments because you were entered in a drawing for our colorful Park Throw in Blue Iris. The lucky winner is Richard Cragg!


  • 11.27.12 

    Vote for your favorite StylePairing!

    We launched our Spring 2013 collection at the recent International Home Furnishing Market in High Point, NC. The theme at market was fashion’s influence on home design and décor. We were definitely inspired by runway fashions and colors for our spring collection.

    We hosted a fun event during market featuring Fashion+Décor’s Gretchen Aubuchon who spoke to our customers and design bloggers about fashion’s wonderful influence on home décor. As part of the event, we challenged those design bloggers attending to a Fashion+Décor StylePair contest. They had to pair their favorite Company C Spring 2013 collection with hot-off-the-runway styles featured at the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 fashion shows.

    Take a peek below and vote for your favorite:

    Erin – The House of Turquoise



    Carmen – Time2Design



    Erica Islas – EMI Interior Design


    Click here to vote! After voting, leave a comment and be entered for a chance to win a Park Throw in Blue Iris! Voting ends on Friday, November 30th at 4:00pm EST.

    Visit the blogs of the Design Bloggers that entered our contest or follow them on Twitter.


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