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  • 04.24.12 

    Company C & Natural Home & Garden Magazine

    Natural Home & Garden Magazine May/June 2012

    A big thanks to Natural Home & Garden Magazine for including Company C’s Cyprus Aqua rug in its May/June issue. The article entitled, “A Healthier Home: Furnishings and Decor to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution” by  Ginevra Holtkamp can be found here.


  • 04.19.12 

    GoodWeave’s Project Muskan: Weaving a Brighter Future


    By Company C • Posted in Social Responsibility • April 19, 2012


    Company C joined GoodWeave in 2005 as part of its mission to give back to the weaving communities in India. By donating a percentage of each tufted rug sold, we help support families like Monish’s. Twelve-year-old Monish used to watch with disappointment as his friends left for school. With four siblings and the government school far from his village in Varanasi, Monish’s father could not afford his eldest son’s education. This all changed when GoodWeave launched Project Muskan (meaning “smile” in Hindi).

    Children often stay at home to help their parents on the looms because classrooms are literally out of reach due to their remote location as well as the prohibitive cost. In 2010, in partnership with the Human Welfare Association and The Global Fund for Children, GoodWeave was able to reach Monish and over 200 children like him. They are now enrolled in non-formal education centers, which offer an accessible and accelerated learning program for kids from impoverished and illiterate weaving communities.

    These non-formal education centers are just one of the effective interventions that GoodWeave has spearheaded over the years along the carpet belt of South Asia. GoodWeave provides an array of social programs, from rescue, rehabilitation and education of child laborers to mobile health clinics, day care services and adult education for weavers.

    In 2011, GoodWeave launched the second phase of Project Muskan and as a result, successfully enrolled 1,100 children in these non-formal education centers. Monish is no longer disappointed: “Now when I am studying, I feel confident and happy.” To read more stories of children whose lives have been transformed by GoodWeave, click here.

    About GoodWeave

    GoodWeave is an international non-governmental organization working to end child labor in the handmade rug industry and offer educational opportunities to children in weaving communities. The GoodWeave certification label is issued to rug manufacturers that adhere to the GoodWeave standard, agree to its independent verification and voluntarily join as licensees. For more information on GoodWeave, please visit


  • 04.17.12 

    Food Literacy Project

    Congratulations to Margy Taylor of Clay & Cotton for her role in The Food Literacy Project. Kentucky is lucky to have you and your team involved in the project! Thank you for including us – we’re happy to hear the Company C truck show will benefit such a worthy cause. Can’t wait to see pictures from the upcoming event!

  • 04.11.12 

    #Brimfield: The Brimfield Antique Show

    By Gretchen Aubuchon • Posted in Colorful Living • April 11, 2012

    Company C Sponsor of #Brimfield Tweet Up on May 10th – May 11th

    A bi-annual event merging

    the new in social media and the old in antiques

    at the Brimfield Antique Show.

    #Brimfield brings interior designers, decorators, design bloggers and fashion & retail professionals to the Brimfield Antique Show under one umbrella for two full days.

    The #Brimfield event held this past September brought together 120 interior designers/decorators and design bloggers.

    The #Brimfield tent is a ‘home base’ for VIP registered attendees, a place where guests can relax and regroup before heading back out to do MORE antique and vintage shopping. On shopping breaks, our guests can relax and enjoy chair massages, wine, cocktails and snacks, get connected with our WiFi service and laptop/phone charging stations, find inspiration in our sponsors’ product displays, and, last but not least, socialize and network with a fabulous group of like-minded people!

    We are thrilled to have Company C join co-lead sponsor, Benjamin Moore, at #Brimfield again this May. Two colorful brands under one tent at Brimfield, surrounded by miles of antiques…What could possibly be better?

    Cynthia Bogart of The Daily Basics and I invite you to join us this May at #Brimfield. We HOPE to see you there with our friends at Company C!

    Sign up today at




    Guest blog post by Gretchen Aubuchon, Founder and Editor in Chief of Fashion + Decor and Co-Founder of the #Brimfield Tweet Up.


    About Fashion + Decor

    Style your home…Style yourself.  Fashion + Decor is the web’s only dedicated space for exploring the intersection between fashion and interior design.  Discover how trends make their way from the fashion runways straight into your home.  The StylePair collection at new website launches April 2012!


    About The Daily Basics

    Cynthia Bogart, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Basics and Co-Founder of the #Brimfield Tweet Up. The Daily Basics is a community built of lifestyle bloggers in the fields of Home & Garden, Travel & Living, Food & Drink, Body & Fashion and Arts & Literature. It is a place where ANYONE can come to find all of those wonderful articles you loved reading about in your magazines but can find them now in one place online instead.

  • 03.21.12 

    Love the Fashion Blues!

    One of my favorite runway designers is Oscar de la Renta and his gowns. They are so dreamy. In his Spring 2012 designs, he captured crisp navy and white in a casual yet elegant way in his masterpiece below. Reminded me of our Imperial Paisley bedding collection.

    Reference Site:


    Pictured: Company C Imperial Paisley bed with our Regalia pillow.


    Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!


  • 03.11.12 

    We’re Feeling Blue!

    This month’s Stylesight Newsletter features an article about key colors of 2012–#Sky Shades below.

    We especially love adding all shades of blues to our spring and summer designs.

    Click here to view inspiration behind our Spring 2012 Coastal Blues Collection or our Blue Inspiration Rooms.


  • 03.09.12 

    Spring 2012 Storage Magazine

    Our Spectrum Clover rug creates a fresh base for a den/guest room on pages 12 – 15.





    See more Company C features on our Press Page.

  • 03.05.12 

    Spring 2012 Photo shoot—Before and After Shots

    One of the fun and crazy times of year is our photo shoot! After months of designing, planning, shopping for accessories and scouting locations, the day arrives when we have to bring it all together for the shoot.

    I thought it would be fun to share some of the before and after shots from our Spring ’12 shoot. Our location was a beautiful home on the seacoast in Rye, NH. We were so lucky the weather held out for us. Tropical Storm Irene arrived the day after we finished!

    This is one of my favorite shots. Our stylist, Karin Lidbeck, transformed our 200-year-old colonial entryway into one typically found in a tropical paradise!

    I loved planning the shot for our Leopard Azalea rug—going a little crazy with Pink & Green! We chose the new barn out in the apple orchard. It had a large, casual space with great light and our goal was to dress it up a bit with our “Classic & Sexy” Leopard collection!

    We took some of our bedding shots in the house where the rooms were smaller, but filled with light and charm—enough to create a coastal feeling with our Sanibel quilt.

    Our photo shoots are a ton of work—with everyone unpacking, repacking and moving heavy furniture. But we do make some time for fun! For one of our cover shots, Maggie and Julie—two of our designers—worked tirelessly cutting up strips of our printed fabrics and stapled them to the pergola in the back field. What crazy idea were we concocting? Why Maggie running through the fabrics of course—creating a carefree feeling of summer!

    We just finished our Fall ’12 photo shoot so stay tuned for more fun!

  • 02.14.12 

    Pink is for Love!

    Pink is for Love!

    Fall in love with pink this season. Whether used as an accent color or the focal point of design, pink adds drama!  We love using pink in our collections and are always inspired by the vibrant pink flowers in our gardens–from roses and peonies to azaleas and petunias. Pink pairs well with greens, yellows, oranges and blues. Mix it up and have fun.

    Happy Valentines Day!


    Captiva Rug Entryway

    In Bloom Bedding

    Leopard Azalea Living Room

    Summer Brights Bed

  • 01.27.12 

    Announcing our 2012 Resolution Winner!

    Thank you everyone who participated in our 2012 New Year’s Resolution Contest. We were blown away with all your thoughtful entries. We enjoyed reading your personal stories and hope you’ll keep us posted througout the year on your successes.

    Gayle Orzech Sawamura is our grand prize winner of a 4’6 x 6’6 rug of choice! Her resolution for 2012:
    “In my father’s 80 years, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. He had a strong confidence in his abilities and determination that I have always admired. Dad passed away 2 years ago, and i used my small inheritance to fuel my lifelong passion – photography. After 20 years as a stay-at-home mom, I will open a small photography business this year. My resolution for 2012 is to cast aside self-doubt and believe that I can indeed be successful in my new career. The true gift my father gave me does not have anything to do with material things. He showed me how to live. In 2012, I will make my father proud.”


    Congratulations Gayle, for taking a risk, living your passion, being adventurous and believing in your dreams! We are so excited for you and hope you’ll share pictures of your studio as you get it up and running. We believe sincerely 2012 will be a colorful year for you; from the photography in your studio to your new Company C rug!


    Here are a couple of other inspiring resolutions we wanted to recognize.

    First runner up and winner of a 2′ x 3′ rug of choice.

    Nancy Randle
    “My new year’s resolution is to HAVE.MORE.FUN! We are planning exciting outings and adventures that will create family memories while trying to be budget friendly. I also want to make everyday be more fun by “unplugging” myself for a certain time each day and focus on my kids. I also decided to stop using my alone time (when the kids are napping or at preschool) to clean up and do normal housework. It is going to be my time to be creative and do projects. Wahoo! Here’s to a fun, productive, colorful and enriching 2012! Happy new year to all.”


    Second runner up and winner of a throw of choice.

    Mell Morgan
    “I resolve to no let major setbacks dampen my spirit and to see them as temporary challenges that fuel my determination. Change can be a good motivator.”


    Congratulations to our winners and thank you again to all. Happy 2012 from all of us at Company C!

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