Pattern play and mid-winter pick-me ups.

Passionflower Rug
Passionflower Rug

Nothing conjures the feeling of warm weather and ocean breezes quite like a room anchored in neutrals and blues. It’s a refreshing combination, and a tried and true design classic! For Spring, we have taken the traditional white and blue statement and given it some extra punch with teal and driftwood tones to accent our Passionflower rug’s over scaled bloom. We love the addition of chairs and pillows in varying patterns with a complimenting blue in common to pull the whole “perfectly mismatched” room together. It’s a great look…by land or by sea!

As we start to anticipate Spring’s arrival, many find their patience tested and themselves winter-weary at this point in the season. With a month until the vernal equinox, here are some easy and fun ways to enliven your home … and your spirit.

Let the light in. With moderating winter temperatures and increased daylight hours, open up the curtains and let the light back in. Natural light flooding a room feels warm and welcoming, and is an immediate mood elevator. With the days growing noticeably longer, get up a little early and greet the sun….increased exposure to natural light will get you through until daylight savings time begins on March 13.

Passionflower Rug

Get the bright in. If you are thinking about paint and redecorating for spring, think vibrant. Bright colored walls and vivid upholstery fabrics  lighten up a room, making the space feel more open because of the reflection of light. Mounting a mirror in darker room areas will take the reflection of light even further.

Invite your friends in. Having family and friends around is a sure cure for the winter blues. Plan a get together, and dig out all your light and bright summer table accessories. Pull out the tropical drink umbrellas, and serve something summery. Make plans for a summer trip or party together as a group, and the event will be here before you know it!

Bring the green in. Adding a growing living element to your space will do wonders for your spirit, and for the texture of your favorite room’s design composition. Be it the visual complexity of a fern, or the more orderly appearance of a myrtle topiary, plants add interest and fresh air wherever they are placed. And while you’re at it….force the issue. Cut sprigs of forsythia or crabapple from the yard and place them in a container with fresh water. If you get lucky, they will bloom. Worst case, they will simply leaf out and reaffirm your hope that spring really is knocking on the back door…..and it will be here soon!

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