Refresh for fall with upholstery

Envisioning a new living room?  Refreshing a family room for fall?  Where we gather together with family and friends matters, and the space should be as welcoming and conducive to entertaining as possible.  When planning your space, begin with the basics:  sofa, chair(s), side table(s), coffee table…..and at Company C we always start with art for the floor.

Cream of the Crop Rug with Fall Pillows

Sofas are often the room’s anchor.  Large rooms will require a full sized sofa, or even a sectional to fill the space depending on how you plan to use the room.  Smaller spaces will need a love seat or apartment sofa to prevent the room from feeling stuffed.  Allow enough space between upholstery pieces and their accompanying accent tables to allow for easy walking around the sitting area.

Galleria Rug & Pillows

Add armchairs based on available space, and anticipated numbers of people who might congregate in the room.  Armchairs can be added symmetrically, or in a more mixed and less matched fashion….express yourself!  If the space is for family fun, consider stain-resistant fabrics for all your upholstery.

Marquesa Rug with Juliette Pillow

With the basics in place, think about adding the most versatile of upholstered furniture:  the ottoman.  A design and service workhorse, the ottoman can double-duty as additional seating for guests or an extra tabletop for hors devours or a casual lunch.  Or better yet, a place to rest your weary feet!


The Inspiration Behind Our Water Lilies Rug

We understand how Monet could become so obsessed!   Water lilies have been a source of inspiration for centuries, their floating beauty offering a sense of calm, and an opportunity for reflection.  Their colors and aquatic environment create dream-worthy moments, and were the spark of inspiration behind our water lilies hand-made rug and decorative pillow.

The inspiration behind our Water Lilies Rug

One of the earliest plants to ever flower, water lilies are considered the “missing” link between flowering and non-flowering flora, and have a number of interesting traits that species the world over share:

Water lilies live only in fresh water.  Ideal conditions include a depth of 18 to 24 inches, and relatively still conditions making ponds, streams, and the edges of deeper lakes their ideal habitats.

Long stems anchored in the soil beneath the water attach to large leaves, or pads, and furnish nutrients to the plant.  These lily pads create a floating canopy of green designed to collect sunlight for photosynthesis while providing shade for fish, and a resting spot for frogs and dragon flies.

The lily flower develops underwater, and when ready to open, emerges between the pads and floats on the water’s surface.  The flower opens in the morning and closes at night for three days, then dies.  Other water lilies in more tropical regions will replicate this same cycle and duration, with the difference being their blooms emerge at night as the sun goes down, closing the following morning.

Gray is the New Beige!

In a word, Greige.  Gray is the new beige, and as a color visually cools a space in summer months while adding a warmed glow in the dimmed light of fall and winter.  It is the perfect neutral, half way between black and white on the color scale.  Because it pairs perfectly with everything, gray continues to be the hottest go-to color for both product and interior design. Classic. Sleek and refined.  Considered the color of intellect, gray matters for so many reasons.

Why Choose a Round Rug?

Round rugs add visual interest in any space because of their shape, but really shine when used in smaller spaces like a bathroom or guest room. Rounds are a great addition in an entry way or mud room (Company C offers two indoor/outdoor rugs in a round version, perfect for transitional spaces). Their shape tricks the eye into thinking that these spaces are much larger than they are, and provides a visual anchor for the room. Whether a bedside accent, or unifying component in a larger living space, here are three key round-rug design tips that may keep you from running around in circles.

  • Consider economies of scale. When contemplating adding a round rug to a larger room, be sure it is large enough so that the room’s most significant furniture touches it. This way the room will feel anchored to the rug.
  • Mirror your shapes. Round rugs look fantastic when paired with round objects and furniture. Try a round rug under a table with a round top…this will cause the eye to sweep vertically instead of horizontally making the ceiling seem taller and the sapce more expansive.
  • Start a conversation. Round rugs are great foundations for intimate seating areas. Add four comfortable chairs, a table and your friends. The rug’s shape draws people closer for a more harmonious exchange of ideas. This is a great way to create intimacy in large and open spaces.

Decorating with Pillows

Decorative pillows add a dash of wow and visually pull together furniture in a room. They quickly transform a bed, chair, or sofa from ho-hum to yum, and provide a place for weary heads to rest..

Placing accent pillows requires following a few simple rules…your own! We love being symmetrical and balanced one day, tossed together the next…accent pillows make it easy to bring your personal style to life.

We have collected some of our favorite studies in symmetry for your inspiration…and contrasted them with a group of perfect pairings that coordinate, but don’t matchy-match. No matter your style, pile on the pillows for texture, visual impact, and a comfy landing spot.

To see artisanal detail that makes Company C pillows so unique, click here.

Pattern play and mid-winter pick-me ups.

Passionflower Rug
Passionflower Rug

Nothing conjures the feeling of warm weather and ocean breezes quite like a room anchored in neutrals and blues. It’s a refreshing combination, and a tried and true design classic! For Spring, we have taken the traditional white and blue statement and given it some extra punch with teal and driftwood tones to accent our Passionflower rug’s over scaled bloom. We love the addition of chairs and pillows in varying patterns with a complimenting blue in common to pull the whole “perfectly mismatched” room together. It’s a great look…by land or by sea!

As we start to anticipate Spring’s arrival, many find their patience tested and themselves winter-weary at this point in the season. With a month until the vernal equinox, here are some easy and fun ways to enliven your home … and your spirit.

Let the light in. With moderating winter temperatures and increased daylight hours, open up the curtains and let the light back in. Natural light flooding a room feels warm and welcoming, and is an immediate mood elevator. With the days growing noticeably longer, get up a little early and greet the sun….increased exposure to natural light will get you through until daylight savings time begins on March 13.

Passionflower Rug

Get the bright in. If you are thinking about paint and redecorating for spring, think vibrant. Bright colored walls and vivid upholstery fabrics  lighten up a room, making the space feel more open because of the reflection of light. Mounting a mirror in darker room areas will take the reflection of light even further.

Invite your friends in. Having family and friends around is a sure cure for the winter blues. Plan a get together, and dig out all your light and bright summer table accessories. Pull out the tropical drink umbrellas, and serve something summery. Make plans for a summer trip or party together as a group, and the event will be here before you know it!

Bring the green in. Adding a growing living element to your space will do wonders for your spirit, and for the texture of your favorite room’s design composition. Be it the visual complexity of a fern, or the more orderly appearance of a myrtle topiary, plants add interest and fresh air wherever they are placed. And while you’re at it….force the issue. Cut sprigs of forsythia or crabapple from the yard and place them in a container with fresh water. If you get lucky, they will bloom. Worst case, they will simply leaf out and reaffirm your hope that spring really is knocking on the back door…..and it will be here soon!

New Year’s Resolution—Get More Sleep!

At Company C, we love color. And we love the mix… layers of colors and patterns that come together effortlessly and not too “matchy”. Whatever your style, we have the bedding layers you’ll need to design your own oasis, and a place to retreat as winter takes hold. Here are our top five layering tips, sure to entice you to keep that resolution to get more sleep!

  1. Select sheets that reflect your personal style—percale or sateen. Some prefer cotton percale’s crisp cool feel, while others love cotton sateen for its softer, smoother hand. Either way, we use only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton to create our luxurious solid and printed bedding so you can sleep more soundly.
Finley 300 tc percale, 100% organic cotton sheets
Finley 300 tc percale, 100% organic cotton sheets
Prism Red 300 tc sateen, 100% organic cotton sheets
Prism Red 300 tc sateen, 100% organic cotton sheets









2. Add warmth and texture with cotton matelasses. These heavily-stitched “blanket” layers are a nice way to add lightweight warmth. Select a matelasse color to accent your sheets or to anchor any other elements you add to your bedding design.

Ellora Matelasse in 100% Egyptian Cotton – white, platinum, & driftwood
Ellora Matelasse in 100% Egyptian Cotton – white, platinum, & driftwood

3. Layer on a duvet cover or quilt, or both…for warmth and contrast. Quilts and duvet covers are your bed’s topcoat, and highlight everything underneath. Duvet covers encase a down, cotton or poly-filled comforter. Duvet covers can be used without a top sheet—where the duvet cover is washed with the fitted sheet. Like our European ancestors, this is a great way to stay warm while keeping bed layering simple. A quilt is used with a full set of sheets, where the flat sheet protects the quilt from frequent laundering.

Fountain Bedding – layered with sheets (ivory), quilt (lake), and pleated duvet cover (driftwood)
Fountain Bedding – layered with sheets (ivory), quilt (lake), and pleated duvet cover (driftwood)
Echo Duvet Cover & Shams in 100% European Linen featured with Fountain Sheets & Quilt
Echo Duvet Cover & Shams in 100% European Linen featured with Fountain Sheets & Quilt

4. Pile on the pillows…watch them bring everything together! We love European squares in the back to anchor the pillows and shams (and to prop yourself up for pre-slumber reading). Pillows create visual interest between your sheets and all your top-of-bed elements. Decorative pillows that contrast with your bedding placed near the front of the cases and shams add dimension. Position them as you like, there are no rules…use concepts of symmetry only if they apply to you. For even more visual interest and warmth, add a complementing throw.

Fountain Bedding with Parasol Linen European Shams
Fountain Bedding with Parasol Linen European Shams
Peony & Prism Bedding with Edie Stripe & Dabney Pillows
Peony & Prism Bedding with Edie Stripe & Dabney Pillows







5. Remember to conceal the box spring to keep your bed from being woefully underdressed. Our Waterfall linen chambray bed panels come in six shades that coordinate with all our bedding and are oh-so-easy to attach to box spring. It’s a tailored finish that will compliment your style!

100% European Linen Waterfall Bed Panels Available in six colors: White, Ivory, Lake, Sun, Capri Blue & Willow
100% European Linen Waterfall Bed Panels Available in six colors: White, Ivory, Lake, Sun, Capri Blue & Willow

Wrap It Up – Great Gifts Ideas

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost upon us… and with that gift giving season. Your home is a reflection of who you are, what you love and what matters most to you.

Whether you are drawn to our bedding, rugs or home accents… we have some great gift ideas for everyone on your list and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Top 10 Gift Ideas

First Tracks Rug – for the ski-lover
Our fun vintage ski scene comes alive with wonderfully twisted, chunky yarns in three different handcrafted techniques, adding lots of multidimensional texture.

Tweedy Rug – Reminiscent of the iconic tweed jacket made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1950s, we hooked six beautiful colors together to achieve a tweedy, textural and altogether stunning effect.

Fair Isle Pillow – This season we’re cozying up to bright-as-can-be Fair Isles inspired by the 18th century originals found in Northern Scotland. The geometric design is completely hand-printed on 100% cotton and adorned with festive embroidery and piping. From ski house to urban oasis, this pillow is the perfect blend of vintage and modern. Includes a feather/down insert.

Balsam Napkins – Bring the beauty of nature to your table with napkins festooned with a beautiful balsam hand-print atop 100% cotton. A great gift idea for everyone on your holiday gift list (including you!).

Jewel Beaded Platter – Add a festive dimension to your holiday get- together with this attractive platter regally banded with stunning beads. Handcrafted in solid aluminum with a nickel plated enamel inlay finished with translucent enamel.

Jewel Mercury Glass Candle 2.75″ – Packed with panache not to mention color, our shimmering candles may be used in countless ways to bring warmth and style to your home. Votive candles are crafted of mercury glass with our signature colors on the interior finish and filled with unscented paraffin wax.

Elsa Throw – No doubt about it, this cozy throw is a handmade hand knit beauty, all lush New Zealand wool and fluffy warmth. Tossed over your sofa or your shoulders, it’ll bring nothing but comfort and joy (oh and texture when draped over a sofa or bed).

Park Throw – The delicious textures and delightful colors of the Park Throw make it an inviting accent for any room. Variegated yarn is hand-woven in a popcorn-like stitch, giving this throw its distinctive texture and coloration.

Let It Snow Accent Rugs – Move over mistletoe, how about a little HoHoHo for your floors this holiday season? Our very merry accent rugs add a colorful helping of holiday flair anywhere you place them. Hand-hooked from polypropylene, they are durable, fade-resistant and easy to clean.

Blizzard Bailey Pillow – Inspired by our beloved canine companions, this fetching pillow in 100% cotton features a wonderful hand-print of Bailey, a happy pup decked out in his holiday hat against a snow-inspired geometric background. Finished with piping and a hidden-zipper closure.

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