Add a little color & sparkle this holiday season!

jewel-candlesWhat’s the easiest way to set the mood for your holiday party, family gathering or just a quiet evening at home? Our jeweled candles and beaded enamelware are the perfect way to add a little color and sparkbeaded-servewarele to your home this holiday season.

Jewel Mercury Glass Candle
Packed with panache not to mention color, our shimmering candles may be used in countless ways to bring warmth and style to your home. Votive candles are crafted of mercury glass with our signature colors on the interior finish and filled with unscented paraffin wax. Exclusively at Company C.

Jeweled Beaded Platter
Add a festive dimension to your holiday get- together with this attractive platter regally banded with stunning beads. Handcrafted in solid aluminum with a nickel plated enamel inlay finished with translucent enamel. Exclusively at Company C.

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