Seasonal Sensations…Celebrate With Colorful Accents!

Hol15_SariMulti_roomWhen the weather outside is chilly, create an indoor winter wonderland. It starts with our Sari Stripe Rug which is dramatic yet peaceful at the same time, this unique rug immediately commands attention with its ombre border created by subtle stripes that blend from ivory to an array of grays and black.

Our Murano Pillow adds a nice accent with the exquisite colors and shapes reminiscent of world-famous Murano glass from Venice.

Finish it off with our Park Throw. The delicious textures and delightful colors of the Park Throw make it an inviting accent for any room. Variegated yarn is hand-woven in a popcorn-like stitch, giving this throw its distinctive texture and coloration. It’s finished with a long hand-knotted fringe.

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